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Jisoo mentions rumors of BLACKPINK members’ discord, “We treat it as a joke”

Jisoo directly talked about discords between BLACKPINK members.

BLACKPINK Jisoo became the first guest on Season 2 of the Youtube content “Not Much Prepared” released on the afternoon of April 7th. 

On this day, Lee Young Ji asked Jisoo, who became the last member of BLACKPINK to make a solo debut, “Since the previous three members already made their solo debuts, I think you must have felt a lot of pressure”.

In response, Jisoo replied, “But I don’t think much of it. That’s my strength. When someone else does something, I can’t do it as well as them. That’s their work”. Lee Young Ji exclaimed, “You really have a healthy mind”.

Also, Jisoo said, “I’m depressed sometimes, but I feel better after waking up the next day”, adding, “I think I should do that much because there are many people who wait for me”.

She continued, “I think I can live well on my own. Some people feel empty when they are alone and have to meet friends. I’m not that type of person. I’m excited even when I’m alone. Even when we’re hanging around, I say ‘Please go home now’. Friends around me are not hurt by that side of me.”

When asked about her ideal type, Jisoo shared, “Some say that man and woman can be friends but I disagree with it. So I don’t have many close male friends. But I can agree with it if they are friends for over ten years because I heard that if someone does something for over ten years, he or she becomes an expert.”


She continued, “I think it’s important not to lose myself. Honestly, there is no one who thinks like ‘We’re gonna be a star’ from the beginning. Everyone thinks like ‘What will happen to us?’. But as someone gets famous, he or she might be another person but I don’t think much of it”, adding, “We have to go down eventually as we had our moment. So if we go down, there will be someone who goes up. Then it will be better that it continues like this at the moment that Korean music industry is doing well around the world.”


Lastly, Jisoo mentioned the rumors of discord between BLACKPINK members that arose last year, saying “We laugh when we see those things. I say like, ‘They say that I am your competition, so be careful’, ‘Hey, why didn’t you post it on your Instagram, it made a rumor’, ‘You should have promoted my album’, etc. We treat it as a joke.”

Meanwhile, Jisoo released her first solo album “ME” on March 31st.

Source: Nate

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