HYBE Pays Off Foreign Producers for LE SSERAFIM’s Plagiarism Issues, Said Min Hee-jin

According to Min Hee-jin, LE SSERAFIM had various plagiarism issues which ended up being resolved by HYBE. 

In a statement released on May 17, Min Hee-jin said, “Not only ILLIT but also LE SSERAFIM have faced numerous plagiarism controversies regarding the concepts and songs in their three albums. I heard from foreign producers and officials working with ADOR that they are discussing costs with HYBE for LE SSERAFIM’s songs due to plagiarism issues.”

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Reading this comment from Min Hee-jin, many netizens have brought up past plagiarism controversies of LE SSERAFIM, at the same time criticizing HYBE. 

Below are some comments from netizen: 

  • So that’s why the company earned a lot of money but doesn’t make much profit 
  • HYBE is truly taking the lead in ruining K-pop
  • I guess this is why HYBE continues to plagiarize without shame. They will just pay anything off
  • They covered the situations up and said everything were “references”, but anyone can see those instance were plagiarism
  • HYBE is really disgusting. Min Hee-jin, you are going a good job 
  • So everything is plagiarism…

Source: theqoo, Naver

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