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Park Sung-hoon Reveals His Studies At Foreign Language High School & Parents’ Reactions To His Acting Dream

Park Sung-hoon talked about how his parents reacted when he decided to pursue acting and dream of becoming an actor

Park Sung-hoon, who recently emerged as a popular actor after starring in “Queen of Tears”, appeared in episode 242 of tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on May 1st.

When Park Sung-hoon revealed that he graduated from Gwacheon Foreign Language High School, the MCs complimented him, “You must have studied so well”. The actor humbly replied, “I took the test, and luckily, I did it well. But I only did well in language, I got low scores for other subjects. I got the highest scores for Korean and English. I guess that’s why I attended the school”.

You Quiz on the Block Park Sung-hoon family

When asked about his parents’ reactions when he suddenly wanted to be an actor after graduating from a language high school, Park Sung-hoon said, “They really doubted my decision”, adding “I was an introverted kid. I would play around with my close friends but I would never raise my hands to announce something. Before enlisting, I still slept with the lights on because I was afraid of ghosts.”

Yoo Jae-suk commented, “You’re so similar to me”. Park Sung-hoon continued, “I’m still scared of ghosts now. I have many fears and I don’t easily get angry. Even now, I’m not good at calling waiters to order things at restaurants, so I always ask my friends if they need cola and let them do it”, drawing laughter.

He recalled, “Knowing that I have such personalities, my parents were like, ‘You want to act? That’s good. If you want to do anything, that’s good. Because you normally don’t have any goal. It’s a good thing that there’s finally something you want to do”.

The actor added, “My father worked in the military then he became a bank clerk. By the time I started acting, he was already old. He went to an alumni meeting and found out that all of his former classmates were either managers or executives. My family had a hard time financially. Once, he came home drunk and said, “I wish you could focus on only one thing. If you like acting, focus on that only’. I remember his words every time I suffer a hard time”.

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