Reason Child Actor Goo Shi-woo Couldn’t Join “Queen Of Tears” Wrap Party

Child actor Goo Shi-woo gained many “auntie fans” after playing the role of Geon-woo in the drama “Queen of Tears”

Queen of Tears” depicts the love story between third-generation chaebol Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won) and her husband Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) as they find love again after facing a crisis in the third year of their marriage.

In the drama, actor Kwak Dong-yeon played Hong Hae-in’s younger brother Hong Soo-cheol. The actor acted as a married couple with actress Lee Joo-bin, who portrayed Cheon Da-hye, who entered Queens’ family for her own intentions.


Especially in episode 9, everyone was shocked to know that Geon-woo was not Hong Soo-cheol’s biological baby. However, even after knowing that Geon-woo was not his real son, Hong Soo-cheol still accepted Cheon Da-hye and Geon-woo and took great care of them as real family members.

Regarding the character Geon-woo, Kwak Dong-yeon confessed that he did not know Geon-woo was not Hong Soo-cheol’s son when he agreed to join the project. The actor shared, “When I read the script for the first time, I didn’t know he wasn’t my child. Later, the director told me that something related to Geon-woo would happen. I felt betrayed at that moment.”

As the scenes of Hong Soo-cheol’s family created hot topics during the drama broadcasts, many viewers fell in love with the cuteness of child actor Goo Shi-woo, who acted as Geon-woo.

Celebrating the end of “Queen of Tears”, the whole production team, including the cast and staff, gathered for a wrap party in Yeouido. Unfortunately, child actor Goo Shi-woo could not participate in the event and reunite with his “Queen of Tears” parents because he was on a family trip.

On the same day of the wrap party, Goo Shi-woo’s mother revealed the whereabouts of her son on SNS, saying “100 Score for Children’s Grand Park. 1000% of satisfaction shown on his face #Children’s Grand Park”.  

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