Kim Ji-won’s Reactions To The Crowd At Airport Proves Her Nice Personality

Actress Kim Ji-won impressed netizens with her consideration when being surrounded by many fans at the airport

On March 12th, Kim Ji-won arrived at Incheon International Airport to leave for Singapore to attend an overseas schedule.

As Kim Ji-won became extremely popular after appearing in tvN’s drama “Queen of Tears”, many fans flocked to the airport to see her. In response to the loud cheers from fans, Kim Ji-won greeted them enthusiastically and did heart poses at fans’ requests.

kim ji won airport

Even when she was struggling to move inside while being surrounded by the crowd, the actress still took care of fans by telling them, “Be careful behind you”, “Look at the side”, “There’s a pillar”, “Please don’t push”, etc.

After the dangerous situation was solved, Kim Ji-won began to talk to people around her. Although she looked somewhat shocked by the crowd and had to touch her chest to calm herself down, Kim Ji-won was still worried about the bodyguards as she asked them, “Are you guys okay?”. 

In addition, Kim Ji-won even turned to the reporters who went through the crowd with her and asked, “It was tough, right? Did you fall?”.

kim ji won airport

In response, netizens commented, “She was very surprised by the crowd but she still cared about fans, reporters and bodyguards”, “She took care of people around her first… I understand why people always compliment her for being considerate”, “I think Ji-won unnie is an angel… I completely fell in love with her”, etc.

Starring Kim Ji-won, “Queen of Tears” ended successfully by recording 24.9% in the last episode, becoming the highest rating in tvN history.

Along with the popularity of the drama, Kim Ji-won will hold her first solo fanmeeting in Korea this June and meet her fans. The actress will also bring “BE MY ONE” fanmeeting to Japan.

Source: nate

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