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Kwon Eun-bi Mentions Waterbomb Appearance Fees, “More Than ‘Running Man’ Pays Ji Seok-jin”

Singer Kwon Eun-bi surprised everyone with her extraordinary sense of entertainment on SBS’s program “Running Man”

Running Man” broadcast on May 5th maintained its No.1 rank among entertainment shows of the same broadcasting time with a viewership of 2.2%. It also placed No.2 in the 2049 rating chart, only behind “My Ugly Old Boy”. 

kwon eun bi

Featuring singer Kwon Eun-bi as a guest, “Running Man” organized the “Return Go, Stop” race against the backdrop of Ganghwa Island. Kwon Eun-bi, who was ‘banned’ from appearing on SBS in the previous episode, said, “I came here thanks to fans’ support”, and showed her bickering chemistry with Ji Seok-jin.

Ji Seok-jin mentioned Kwon Eun-bi’s nickname “Waterbomb Goddess” and asked, “The season hasn’t come yet? But do they pay you well?”. In response, the female singer said, “I think it’s more than your appearance fees for ‘Running Man’.”

kwon eun bi

The two drew laughter as they kept pointing out each other’s weaknesses. Before going up the stairs, Ji Seok-jin said, “Eun-bi can win this”, but she actually failed. In the next race, Kwon Eun-bi ranked No.4 and Ji Seok-jin placed last. Therefore, Ji Seok-jin commented, “You know I let you go, right? I stopped when you were heading from behind”, drawing laughter.

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