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Despite Chaebol Rumor, “Queen of Tears” Actor Park Sung-hoon’s Family Is Actually Poor

Actor Park Sung-hoon clearly explained the rumors about his family.

In the 242nd episode of tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block,” which aired on May 1st, the hearts of many people was touched by Park Sung-hoon‘s story.

In this episode, Park Sung-hoon appeared as a guest and explained that the rumor of his family being rich was not true. He even confessed honestly about the difficulties his family had experienced.

There was a rumor that Park Sung-hoon’s father, sister and cousins all graduated law school. However, during the IMF crisis (Asia’s financial crisis) in Korea, Park Sung-hoon’s father lost his job at a bank, and his family’s economic situation worsened. He had to live with poverty in his high school days. Park recalled when his friends went to eat hamburgers together at school, he couldn’t go because he didn’t have money and had to wait alone.

You Quiz on the Block Park Sung-hoon family

Even during his vacation while serving in the military, the difficult economic situation at home continued. He revealed the helplessness his parents had to go through and the deep sadness he felt. His parents’ real estate agent business later suffered as the real estate market deteriorated, which came as a great economic pressure on the family.

Particularly noteworthy is the difficulties Park Sung-hoon experienced in his early theater career. However, from the beginning of his career, he never lost his passion for acting despite economic difficulties. During the rainy season, the sink at his house leaked, he had to live in an environment similar to those shown in the movie “Parasite.”

This broadcast was a time to get a glimpse of Park Sung-hoon’s sincerity, infinite passion, and affection for his family.

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