Airport Paralyzed by Kim Ji-won’s Appearance Today 

With her rising popularity as the 'Queen of Tears,' an enormous crowd gathered at the airport just to catch a glimpse of Kim Ji-won

Kim Ji-won departed for Singapore through Incheon International Airport on May 12th to attend a luxury brand event. 

Kim Ji-won appeared at the airport in a simple outfit. Wearing all-white clothes with a striped shirt and a brown shoulder bag as an accent to her white pedicure and sandals. Despite the simplicity, Kim Ji-won added glamor by accessorizing with earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Kim Ji-won, with her perfect visuals and long black hair flowing elegantly, exuded an elegant aura, capturing attention.

kim ji won

Amidst the crowds of fans and reporters, Kim Ji-won didn’t forget to give heart gestures. She made heart shapes with her hands and cheeks, showing sweet fan service. Upon entering the airport, Kim Ji-won also took each letter handed by fans.

Kim Ji-won is well-known among actors for her good personality. Kim Kap-soo, who played Hong Man-dae in “Queen of Tears,” said in an interview after the drama ended, “There aren’t many young actresses of the same age as Kim Ji-won. Among them, she stood out. I thought, ‘She can continue acting for a long time.’ She has a good character.”

Actress Na Young-hee, who played the mother in the drama, also recently praised Kim Ji-won, “She acts so well. I was amazed by the details of her expressions. I was very surprised by Kim Ji-won’s usual personality.”

kim ji won

Na Young-hee added, “Despite being young, she is considerate to all staff members, and naturally, everyone says, ‘How does she have everything? She’s so beautiful.’ I talk about her until my mouth goes dry. When you look closely, she is really a great actress. Not just acting, but with such a character, I thought she would be a loved actress anywhere.”

Kim Ji-won has been gaining huge popularity for her role as Hong Hae-in in “Queen of Tears.” The drama recorded an average nationwide rating of 24.9%, peaking at 27.3%, breaking the record of tvN’s highest-rated drama previously set by the writer Park Ji-eun’s previous drama, “Crash Landing on You.”

Source: daum

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