Male Idol Almost Quitted his Group Due to Fellow Members?

Wonbin, one of 5th Gen K-pop’s top idols, revealed how he felt pressured by fellow RIIZE members and almost quitted. 

On February 29, a video titled “[Vlog] Dinner in Paris / Louis Vuitton Show / TMI on board | RIIZE IN PARIS EP.2” was published on the official YouTube channel of SM Entertainment boy group RIIZE. 

In the video, RIIZE’s Wonbin disclosed that he almost quitted SM due to fellow members Eunseok and Sungchan. 


Particularly, Wonbin recalled how he called his parents upon first joining SM, saying, “I really remember this clearly. When I first came to the company, I called Mom and Dad right away and said I couldn’t do it anymore.”

“I was shocked when I first came”, Wonbin also shared, adding that he met RIIZE members Sungchan and Eunseok and found them to be the most good-looking people he has met in life.

“They were good-looking and tall. Also, I had never seen anyone dance so well either. I thought I wasn’t good enough”, Wonbin continued to express, disclosing that he almost lost motivation and quitted SM. 

Of course, Sungchan and Eunseok’s visuals and talents prove to be undeniable nowadays. However, Wonbin is now regarded as a top visual of K-pop’s 5th generation, so it’s fortunate that he didn’t end up quitting. 

Wonbin’s full confession can be seen in the video below:

Source: Krb, YouTube

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