Netizens Mourn Top Gamer Who Committed Suicide After Gold Digger Girlfriend Broke Up With Him

The tragic story has gone viral on the Internet, making netizens heart-broken.

A 21-year-old male gamer (nicknamed 胖猫- Fat Cat) reportedly jumped off a bridge Chongqing, China to commit suicide. Fat Cat was born in 2003, in Hunan, China in a broken family. His parents got divorced when he was young. As he grew older, the relationship between Fat Cat and his family became more and more distant and he only often contacted his sister. Instead of going to college, at the age of 21, Fat Cat became a popular gamer who made a living by helping others raise their ranks in online games.


2 years ago, Fat Cat fell in love with a girl named Tan Zhu (谭竹) (born in 1997, living in Chongqing) on the games. He became her boyfriend and moved to Chongqing for her as she didn’t want a long distance relationship. During their relationship, Fat Cat lived extremely frugally, sending all the money he had to his girlfriend. As Tan Zhu promised to marry him after two years of dating, he worked day and night and only ate the cheapest meals worth 10 yuan ($1.39) to save money to send her. His social media account’s profile picture even said “I don’t want to eat vegetables anymore, I want McDonald” as fast food became luxurious to him. In total, he transferred 510,000 yuan (approximately $70,000) to his girlfriend, who used it to pay her bills, open a store and go traveling, but couldn’t buy him a McDonald meal when he asked.

From April 2024, Tan Zhu started to treat him coldly and wanted to break up with him. Unable to convince his girlfriend, the young man made a foolish decision, jumping off a bridge and committing suicide on the morning of April 11. One hour before his life ended, Fat Cat sent Tan Zhu 760 flowers symbolizing 760 days of their love, and transferred 66,666 yuan (approximately $9,240) to her. Until his final moment, he still made it clear that it was all his own deed and Tan Zhu was not at fault.

This story was later shared online by Fat Cat’s sister. Chinese netizens were extremely angry to find out Tan Zhu treated him badly during their relationship and even after his death, she was found uploading dancing videos on Douyin (Chinese Tiktok). In addition, netizens couldn’t help but feel sorry for Fat Cat. Many people ordered flowers, hamburgers, milk tea and other food to the bridge where Fat Cat jumped off. They left messages hoping that this will somehow comfort the boy in the afterlife, and in his next life, Fat Cat must love himself first.

Source: K14

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