What did the production team do?…”K-pop trainees? You have to develop your personality first”

What K-pop stars need to have is not only skills but also personality.

An exciting battle mission between K and G groups was depicted on Mnet’s “Boys Planet“, which aired on Feb 16th.

boys planet

Participants selected team members. Lee Hoe Taek, the No.1 in K group, started first. He made the trainees sweat by saying, “I’ve already decided.” The first trainee he called was Sung Han Bin. And Lee Ye Dam, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Oh Sung Min and Han Seo Bin were chosen.

Next, Dang Hong Hai, the No.1 in G group, picked the trainees. He first called Anthonny, followed by Jay, Wumuti and Haruto. Lee Hoe Taek was wary, saying, “I hope I don’t meet that team.”

boys planet

Subsequently, parts were distributed to each team member. They each found their roles, including killing part, main vocalist and leader. In particular, in Team G, Chinese members were seen talking in Chinese. At last, they openly ignored the American member. He tried to communicate in English, but he was constantly ignored. Even though he is the leader, people did not follow him.

Krystian, whose nationality is China, was the member who openly ignored the American member. The member who was ignored is Na Kamden. Na Kamden said, “We’re a team, but it was very frustrating.” He finally shed tears, “This is the first time that something like this has happened to me. I felt awkward and surprised. It was so hard.”

boys planet

Netizens responded, “The production team just didn’t do anything… I want to go and help him”, “It’s a pity. How frustrating it is to shed tears”, “How can they ignore him that openly? I don’t understand”, “Skills are important, but they have to develop their personality first”…

On the other hand, other teams exchanged opinions and naturally communicated with each other. Lee Hoe Taek appealed, “I like EXO’s ‘Love My Right’ because of its fresh image.” The members agreed with it by a majority vote. When deciding the killing part, everyone paid attention to Sung Han Bin. However, he conceded, “I thought there would be someone who would do better in the team.”

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