BILLLIE’s Tsuki continues to go viral for her diverse expressions but some netizens say she’s “overdoing” it 

Many netizens are addicted to Tsuki’s expressions, while some are unimpressed.

Japanese member Tsuki of rookie girl group BILLLIE has been going viral lately thanks to her flexible facial expressions when performing the song “GingaMingaYo (the strange world”). Tsuki is also a former SM trainee. She trained at the same time with aespa’s NingNing and the two became close friends. Unfortunately, Tsuki could not debut under SM

However, with her talent and charm, after debuting in a small agency girl group, Tsuki still shines. Not only drawing attention for her main dancer-level dancing skills, Tsuki also impresses netizens with her on-point expressions and charming stage presence. 

Recently, when BILLLIE promoted GingaMingaYo (the strange world) on Show Champion, Tsuki once again took the spotlight with her expressions. A 9-second fancam capturing Tsuki‘s diverse expressions when she is only standing still has gone viral all over social media platforms. Many netizens think Tsuki’s facial expressions are on another level, which makes her fancams so satisfying to watch! 

Another viral video of Tsuki
Her expressions are so diverse and flexible even though she’s only standing still
Tsuki (BILLLIE) – GingaMingaYo Full Fancam (Show Champion 9/3)
  • I’m not her fan but I have to admit that her facial expressions are so charming 
  • Tsuki’s stage presence is amazing. It suits the song and overall energy of the group. It is not easy to change your facial expressions so quickly.
  • She changes her expressions every two seconds. Her fancams are so fun to watch! 

However, there are still some comments claiming Tsuki is overdoing her expressions, making them look unnatural and cringey. These netizens think Tsuki is only going viral because people are curious and fans are promoting her everywhere. 

  • I’ve seen her fancam many times but never watched the whole video. Her expression looks creepy.
  • Tsuki going viral seems to be like the case of JooE (MOMOLAND) in the past, right?
  • Tsuki’s fans kept praising her as if she were the new facial-expression queen. I find those expressions too much.
  • She should tone down her expression a bit. It makes viewers uncomfortable

It can be seen that Tsuki‘s talent and efforts do not always leave a positive impression in the eyes of netizens. This situation makes some people think of JooE (MOMOLAND) in the BBOOM BBOOM era.

JooE‘s optimistic and confident expression when doing solo choreography on stage at that time created a lot of excellent impacts on social media. Tsuki‘s fans are hoping for a similar situation to happen to the female idol in the future, since JooE was once considered a person of merit to help MOMOLAND return upstream in Korea.

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