“You can sleep with me” – A member of JYP’s boygroup is being criticized as his R-rated messages to fans on Bubble got leaked

Stray Kids Felix was recently found sending fans R-rated messages, causing netizens’ rage.

Stray Kids Felix

Recently, screenshots of Stray Kids Felix’s Bubble messages have been posted on various online communities.

In the captured images, Felix told his fans, “You should try using silk blankets. It’s very comfortable, not hot but really cool. If you want to try it, there’s a good spot next to my bed. You can sleep with me”.

After that, he took a selfie while lying on the bed, and sent it along with an ambiguous message, “Oh, it’s so hot. I must have imagined being with you too much. I’m glad you can’t read my mind”.

Not stopping there, Felix added, “I’ll do whatever you want. You now have the leather strap around my neck”. He also sent a voice message that included the kiss and moan sounds.

In response to Felix’s Bubble messages, netizens were shocked. They commented, “What is this kind of message?”, “Is this an R-rated Telegram group chat?”, “If female idols did that, they would be in big trouble”, “This is shameful”, etc.

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