“True Story” Reveals Text Conversation Between Female Director Who Blackmailed Lee Sun-kyun And Hacker

The program “True Story” will deal with Lee Sun-kyun’s drug scandal

The new broadcast of MBC’s “True Story” on November 23rd tracks Lee Sun-kyun’s drug scandal and JMS’s crimes.

Last month, “Parasite” star Lee Sun-kyun caused a stir as he was revealed to be actor L in a media report about drug use. The actor was accused of taking drugs with a female director of a membership entertainment establishment. Therefore, “True Story” team visited the entertainment business and traced the whole story of the scandal. 

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Employees at the entertainment establishment who were aware of the incident pointed to the female director. With a drug use history, the female director is suspected of providing her residence as the place for Lee Sun-kyun to take drugs. In the meantime, Lee Sun-kyun claimed that the female director deceived him into taking drugs. 

Lee Sun-kyun’s agency announced that they gave the female director a large amount of 350 million won due to her continuous threats, and had submitted a complaint over blackmailing. However, the female director admitted to receiving money but claimed that she was also threatened and that someone hacked her phone to threaten the actor.

The production team of “True Story” successfully reached out to an acquaintance of the female director who knew the inside story well. Accordingly, a hacker threatened the female director in September that they would reveal her drug use and relationship with Lee Sun-kyun.

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According to the chat, there were threatening texts, such as “If you don’t pay, I’ll raise the price by 10 million won every week”. However, the female director replied to the blackmailer using the emoticon ㅋㅋㅋ and informal speeches, saying “Would you be quiet if I gave you 100 million won?”.

In addition, “True Story” team raised doubts over the fact that the blackmailer agreed to 100 million won but the female director still demanded more than 300 million won from Lee Sun-kyun. 

The upcoming official broadcast will exclusively examine the chat logs and call records between the female director and the blackmailer to find information about Lee Sun-kyun’s drug scandal. Moreover, this episode will also dig into the crimes of JMS’s Jung Myung-seok and Jung Jo-eun, who accumulated wealth using the faith of the believers. The broadcast will air at 9 p.m. on November 23rd.

Source: Daum

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