Dating Rumors Sparked as Zhao Lusi and EXO’s Lay Allegedly Spotted Together at Hotel, Here’s How Lay Responded

Zhang Yixing and Zhao Lusi have found themselves in the midst of a dating rumor. A savvy blogger spilled the tea, claiming that these two stars are more than just friends. They have allegedly been getting cozy and building a strong connection.

Zhao Lusi has been seen hanging around the parking lot of the hotel where Zhang Yixing usually stays. The blogger even suggests that Zhao Lusi’s assistant is a frequent visitor to this particular hotel. One time, Zhao Lusi’s ride took off, and within 10 minutes, Zhang Yixing was spotted making his way to the basement area.

The blogger’s revelation set the Chinese online community on fire, making it one of the hottest topics on Weibo. Netizens are making speculations left, with some convinced that Zhang Yixing and Zhao Lusi are sneaking around romantically. 

On the flip side, there are netizens suggesting that the blogger might be stretching the truth. Just because they’re at the same hotel doesn’t automatically mean they’re dating. Many other celebrities also choose the same hotel where Zhang Yixing stays during their busy schedules.

Zhang Yixing’s studio wasted no time shutting down the rumors, calling out the blogger for spreading baseless info just for attention. On the other hand, Zhao Lusi is staying silent.

Zhang Yixing

Zhang Yixing was born in 1991 and made his debut with EXO in Korea in 2012, going by the stage name Lay. In 2022, he decided not to renew his contract with SM Entertainment.

Back in China, Zhang Yixing has been active in both singing and acting. As for his personal life, Zhang Yixing is private. There was a dating rumor about him and Yang Zi, but he publicly shut it down.

Zhao Lusi-Yang Yang

Zhao Lusi, born in 1995, has been linked romantically with heartthrobs like Xiao Zhan, Yang Yang, and Leo Wu. Netizens once caught onto some intimate moments between Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang on their drama set. They were sharing phones and using matching items like bowls and bracelets. 

Source: K14

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