Kim Seon-ho’s return to entertainment show “It’s meaningful to be with Moon Se-yoon”

Kim Seon-ho revealed the atmosphere on the set of "Brothers Eating and Watching" Season 2, where he is joined by Kim Jun-hyun and Moon Se-yoon

As the premiere of E Channel and SBS Plus’s “Brothers Eating and Watching 2” approaches on March 25th, Kim Seon-ho shared his thoughts regarding the adventurous trip to Thailand with his “Brothers Eating and Watching” elder brothers Kim Jun-hyun and Moon Se-yoon.

Firstly, Kim Seon-ho expressed his unique feelings and behind-the-scenes stories about appearing on “Brothers Eating and Watching 2” after a long hiatus from entertainment shows. He smilingly said, “I enjoyed watching ‘Brothers Eating and Watching’ Season 1. When Moon Se-yoon told me ‘If I have a chance, I want to go with you’, it was nice to see that it actually happened.”

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He further expressed his joy about the meaningful experience of participating in the show with Moon Se-yoon, whom he considers a close friend, and meeting Kim Jun-hyun, whom he has been a fan of for a long time.

Kim Seon-ho, who enjoys walking as a hobby and typically walks for 6 hours a day, shared that he walked a lot even during the trip to Thailand. He described the pleasant atmosphere on set, where he enjoyed walking with his energetic companions and occasionally taking breaks in the shade to drink refreshing beverages provided by the production team. He mentioned that there were no difficulties despite the hot weather as they indulged in plenty of delicious food throughout the journey.

When asked if his “travel bucket list” had been fulfilled through “Brothers Eating and Watching”, Kim Seon-ho expressed satisfaction, “Going to local markets or eating famous foods in the area was on my bucket list. This trip was enough to fulfill that bucket list.” He reminisced about the enjoyable time spent at crowded markets, eating delicious food, conversing with friends at neighboring tables and the special encounters made during the trip.

kim seon ho

Regarding the “mukbang (eating show)” with renowned foodies Kim Jun-hyun and Moon Se-yoon, Kim Seon-ho said, “It was great. The food was delicious and my heart was happy, so it wasn’t difficult to keep up with them.

Kim Seon-ho also highlighted the must-watch aspects of “Brothers Eating and Watching 2”, “I hope those who want to travel, are planning a trip or need healing in their daily lives will watch it. Watching how people spend time together and socialize in different places is also part of traveling. I think this show, filled with enjoyable travel stories, will inspire you to plan your own trip.

The first episode of “Brothers Eating and Watching 2” will air on March 25th at 8 PM.

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