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From IU to Kang Daniel, new dating reality show “Skip” are full of celebrity lookalikes? 

Participants of tvN’s dating show “Skip” resemble IU and Kang Daniel. 

In tvN’s “Skip”, which aired on January 12th, 4 single men and 4 single women with various jobs, from a viral content creator with nearly 2 million subscribers, a cheerleader who looks like IU, the head of an oriental medical clinic, a restaurant business CEO with billions of monthly sales, and a diving national team member, appeared.


Choi Hong Ra, who appeared as the first female cast member, introduced herself, “My job is a cheerleader and I am 25 years old.”

Choi Hong Ra continued, “My total number of my relationships so far is 3. My hobbies are walking, reading, and listening to music. My strengths are that I don’t have male friends, so I don’t have to worry about issues with the opposite sex. My weakness is that I have a lot of thoughts. My ideal type is someone who is tall and strong-looking.”


Choi Hong Ra is busy with the baseball season in the summer so she wants to date in the less busy winter. She also drew attention with her overflowing cuteness.

Choi Hong Ra’s nickname is IU of the cheerleading world. Her eye smile is said to resemble IU the most. 


Meanwhile, 25-year-old model Shin Dong In appeared as the first male cast member.

Shin Dong In said, “I’ve been in a relationship for a total of three times, and my hobbies are fitness and capoeira. My personality is bright and positive, but the disadvantage is that there are times when I get moody.” He mentioned actress Lee Sung Kyung as his ideal type, saying, “I like people with good skin and good proportions.”


Shin Dong In, who works as a model, drew attention by saying, “I’m embarrassed to say it out loud, but I hear a lot that I look like actors Hwang In Yeop and Kang Daniel.”

In response to the question, “Up to what age can you meet an older person?“, Shin Dong In responded, “I’ve never thought about it, but I think it’s possible with everyone here.” 


However, Shin Dong In was skipped three times in a row in the first impression match, and eventually, he was automatically matched with the restaurant CEO Jo Seo Hyung, who had no choice. This hurt his pride.

Source: Daum. 

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