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Jo Kwon Recalled Breaking Up With Long Time Lover Who He Was Ready To Give Up Showbiz For

2AM’s Jo Kwon confesses his heartbreaking love story for the first time on a variety show.

Jo Kwon revealed his past relationship in the upcoming episode of SBS variety program “Strong Heart VS,” which airs on April 16th.

This is the first variety show Jo Kwon participated in after a long time. In this episode, Jo Kwon told a wonderful story he heard while getting his New Year’s fortune told a while ago, noting, “My goal this year is to become a building owner.”

ji kwon-strong heart vs

In addition, Jo Kwon talked about his love story for the first time on a broadcast. He confessed that he had a breakup a year ago, saying, “I had dated one person for a long time.”

“I loved my lover so much that I even thought about quitting singing if they wanted me to. For this reason, I desperately hung on until the last moment of our break up,” he said, adding that he even did “this” to keep his lover, surprising the set.

This episode of “Strong Heart VS” will air at 10:20 p.m. on April 16th (KST).

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