Youngest K-pop Idol in History Will Debut in 2024?

There are various instances of K-pop idols debuting extremely young across the years. However, who is the youngest of them all?

Idols debuting at a young age is nothing new in the K-pop industry. In fact, way back in the year 2000, BoA entered the K-pop industry at the age of 13, becoming the youngest idol to debut at the time and would hold the title of “Youngest K-pop Idol to Debut” in 10 years. 


It was not until 2010 that BoA’s “Youngest K-pop Idol to Debut” status was challenged by the introduction of girl group G.Story. The group, which consists of 4 members, consisted of 10 year-old members Chaeyoung and Yuri, and 9 year-old members Hyein and Yunjeong. 

However, G.Story ended up disbanding after 2 years, once again leaving the “Youngest K-pop Idol to Debut” status to BoA.

There have been many young idols debuting ever since, but none of them as young as BoA when she first debuted, and certainly not to the level of G.Story.

Now, in 2024, a new face will appear and take over BoA – the 12-year-old Lim Seowon, who participated in the survival program “Universe Ticket”. 

lim seo won

Lim Seo-won is expected to debut as a member of girl group UNIS in 2024, breaking BoA’s long-standing record. 

Additionally, UNIS is not Lim Seowon’s first brush with the entertainment industry. In fact, prior to “Universe Ticket”, she already became familiar to the Korean audience through other competition shows like “Miss Trot 2” and “Music Love”. She even released a digital single back in 2021, making her solo debut at the age of 9. 

Source: Krb

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