“Little Jang Won Young” Lim Seo Won to compete in idol survival show

Lim Seo Won, who gained attention for her resemblance to IVE Jang Won Young, is aiming to debut as an idol. 

On July 13th, Lim Seo Won’s profile picture was posted on the official Twitter account of SBS’s global audition program “Universe Ticket”. Regarding her appearance, Lim Seo Won expressed her aspirations for the competition and said, “Although I am the youngest in age, I will show you the professional side of me that matches my skills.”

Little Jang Won Young
Little Jang Won Young

Meanwhile, “Universe Ticket”, the SBS global audition program in which Lim Seo Won will participate in, aims to select 8 out of 82 competitors to create a global girl group. It is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of 2023.

Universe Ticket

Lim Seo Won, who is drawing a lot of attention as a participant, was born in 2001 and is 12 years old. Previously, she competed in “Miss Trot 2” and “Music Love”, drawing love for her cute appearance and impressive skills, before making her solo debut in 2021.  

At the same time, due to her resemblance with IVE Jang Won Young, Lim Seo Won earned the nickname “Little Jang Won Young”. Many netizens also expressed their hope that Lim Seo Won should debut as an idol when she grows up. 

Source: Wikitree

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