Knetizens choose 3 best female main vocalist of the 4th generation

aespa is the only group with 2 members chosen but both spark controversy

Recently, the Korean online community has created a topic to find out the best vocalist among the 4th generation female idols.

Referring to the typical female vocalists of the Kpop idol industry, fans can easily name a series of excellent representatives such as Taeyeon, Jung Eunji (gen 2) or Yuju, Wendy, Solar (gen 3)… In order to find young idols capable of inheriting these famous seniors and becoming the typical main vocalist of the 4th generation, Korean netizens have listed 7 bright candidates. 

aespa – Ning Ning

aespa - Ning Ning

aespa – Winter

aespa - Winter

STAYC – Sieun

STAYC - Sieun

Weeekly – Monday

Weeekly - Monday

ITZY – Lia

ITZY - Lia





Among the girl groups whose representatives are mentioned in this list, aespa is the only girl group with 2 members nominated.  However, both Winter and Ning Ning are currently causing quite a bit of controversy when many people think that idols who have never really sung live in their careers should not be considered the typical vocalists of an entire generation. Besides, many netizens also asserted that it is still too early to find the best main vocalists because gen 4 is just getting started and there will definitely be many more girl groups to debut in the future.

  • “My pick is Winter, Monday and Na Goeun”
  • “First of all, I’ll get rid of all the lip-sync singers”
  • “Idols who have never sang live on stage don’t deserve to be chosen”
  • “Winter, Ning Ning, Monday”
  • “Everyone, try to watch the clip of Sieun singing Bang Bang on YouTube. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an idol who can hit high notes so comfortably and softly”
  • Ning Ning, Sieun, Monday”
  • “After all, ITZY belongs to gen 4 or gen 3.5? If ITZY belongs to gen 4, shouldn’t (G)I-DLE also be mentioned here?”
  • “I can prove that I’m a fan of another group, but after watching YouTube, I’m really impressed with Sieun and Chowon… Sieun sings live completely but her voice is still very stable. Chowon has been a good singer since Produce”
  • “But the 4th generation has only just begun, it is likely that there will be many other good vocalists to debut in the future, so choosing the top 3 at this time is too early.”

What are the top 3 best female vocalists of the 4th generation according to your opinion?

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