BTS Jin expressed his determination to fulfill his military duty, “I got cursed at a lot”

BTS’s oldest member Jin, who is about to become the first to enlist in the group, poured out stories about his military service. 

On October 28th, BTS’s Jin said during his live broadcast on Weverse, a fan community, “I think I will write about the military within a few days as soon as I return to Korea after the concert in Argentina.”

He is staying in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to celebrate the release of his first solo single “The Astronaut” on the same day with the British band Coldplay.

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Jin said, “I was originally scheduled to enlist in June, but I waited until the concert in October (Busan) in respect of the fans. I didn’t want to perform in tears, so the announcement (of my enlistment) was late.” In fact, Jin’s plan to enlist was announced on October 17th, two days after BTS’s Busan concert.

Jin also compared his military-related story to Voldemort, a villain from Harry Potter during his live broadcast. He said, “This album was made before I enlist in the military. Ah, that Voldemort again.”

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Jin also said, “‘Dynamite’ did so much better than we expected, so we were thinking about it during the COVID-19 period, and decided to release more songs for the fans to enjoy, so we released ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance’. These two songs also did well, so I think it was right not to go (to the army) at that time.” 

He continued, “‘Permission to Dance’ was the last, but we decided to hold a concert because I thought I should do a concert. I said I would miss doing the concert with the members so much if I enlisted.”

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Jin added, “After the Grammys, I was preparing to go to the military. I didn’t like the cold, so I got an okay from the company to go in May and June of the summer. Then, we released a video saying that we would pause our group (activities) in June and enter solo (activities). I was indirectly revealing that I was going to the army.”

Jin was referring to the ‘party video’ that caused a stir in which BTS announced they would stop their group promotions for a while to focus on solo activities back in June.

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However, another variable occurred to Jin when he was getting ready to enlist. It was the concert for the 2030 Busan World Expo. 

Jin said, “I told the members that I would like to go to the army in spring, summer, or autumn at the latest. But, the members persuaded me to do the (Busan concert) because it seemed like the last concert I could do (before going). The members said, ‘We weren’t able to do a proper concert with cheers in Korea’.”

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He said, “I really thought a lot about whether I would be polite to the fans if I went to the military when it was cold, or whether I went during the hot weather that I like without performing (at the concert).” 

As for the reason for announcing his enlistment after the Busan concert, Jin said, “I didn’t want the fans to watch the performance sadly because I said it was the last time.”

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In particular, Jin expressed his feelings about the “controversy over the pros and cons of introducing an alternative service system for pop culture artists,” which became a hot topic in politics and society.

Jin said, “In Korea, we got cursed a lot over this issue. There is a sense of injustice.” 

He continued, “We just didn’t want to do a tearful (Busan) concert, but here and there, the (controversy) overheated and we were criticized a lot. It’s a relief that fans didn’t watch the concert in tears. I got cursed a little bit, but I’m satisfied.”

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Finally, Jin gave a refreshing remark, saying, “It was really hard to talk about this Voldemort-like matter, but it’s cool once I’ve talked about it.”

Earlier, it was reported that Jin will cancel his postponement to enlist and join the army as soon as he returns home from Argentina.

Source: Nate

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