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Choi Min-hwan’s Ex-wife Yulhee Appears On “The Return Of Superman” Even After Divorce

Despite her divorce with Choi Min-hwan, Yulhee still shows up on “The Return of Superman” through a video call with her son

Episode 521 of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman”, scheduled to air at 9:15 p.m. on April 14th, will show Choi Min-hwan presenting his parenting skills and fulfilling multi-roles, such as playing nail shop with the twin sisters Ayun and Arin, as well as going to the playground with his son Jaeyul. 

Jaeyul is expected to arouse keen attention with his physical strength as he doesn’t get tired. Even after finishing the Taekwondo lesson, he still runs all around the playground nonstop. In addition, Jaeyul shows his desire to win over his father Choi Min-hwan while running and becomes a daily coach for Choi Min-hwan by counting the number of rope jumps. Choi Min-hwan shares, “The twins can sit and play for five hours, but Jaeyul just runs around for 3-4 hours”, adding “I’m working hard to match Jaeyul’s physical strength”.

The Return of Superman

In addition, Jaeyul also expresses his special affection in a video with his mom Yulhee. He tells his mom what he has done that day, from doing Taekwondo. Yulhee reacts, “Really? Mom always thinks of Jaeyul before going to bed and even when taking a bath. Jaeyul appears in my dreams, too”. Choi Min-hwan shares, “I bought him a cell phone so that he can talk with his mom freely”, showing his effort to protect his children’s precious relationship with their mom even after their divorce.

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