Casting contract has reportedly become stricter after the recent school violence controversies 

It is said that many producers have made changes to their contracts with the cast after suffering continuous school bullying damage. 

Like the MeToo movement that spread around the world in 2018, the wave of claims exposing “school violence” celebrities poured out nonstop from 2020 to 2021. Apart from those who were confirmed as perpetrators, some stars expressed their position against “groundless” rumors and intention to take legal action. However, even when they explained themselves well, their images had already been greatly damaged. 

the recent school violence controversies

Not only did the stars in unfair controversies suffer damage but people working with them, such as PDs, producers, directors, broadcasters, theater staff, etc., were also inevitably affected. Of course, those celebrities made verbal apologies but couldn’t propose any solution.

As a result, producers who suffered unexpected financial losses due to celebrities who got involved in such school violence disclosure incidents have begun to add additional conditions to contracts they sign with the cast. Accordingly, if the cast harms the production process during the period from when the work is filmed until it is released, the producer can either force that person to drop out of the program or demand damage compensation.

An entertainment official recently shared with OSEN, “The casting contract nowadays has changed compared to the old days. Until a few years ago, there was no provision about school violence celebrities, but it has been added recently”, adding “Contracts now contain the condition that the producer can claim damages if the cast causes controversies over any issue, including school violence, and harms the progress of the work”.

In short, the celebrity who caused problems should compensate the production company and the broadcaster for their losses. It is because one controversial celebrity can waste billions to tens of billions of won in the production cost. 

Although contract terms for the casting of new works have changed after the continuous school violence revelations, there is still no way for producers of works that were completed under old contracts to receive compensation.

A production company staff said to OSEN, “We worked hard in all difficulties to make a good movie but we are now suffering from such problems”, adding “The damage we have to bear is too much. It’s so tiring”, expressing their disappointment. Since it is not easy to prove evidence from past cases, and it takes a long time to solve a dispute in court, discussions for realistic measures are needed.

Some officials confessed, “Why did that actor behave like that in the past? They’re so good at acting. What a waste of talent”. However, it is true that people should not take school violence lightly as immature pranks of young students. School violence is a serious crime that causes lifelong wounds and trauma to the victim.

This strict casting contract is not only limited to school violence but also includes all kinds of controversies that could produce victims, including drug use, drunk driving, sex crimes, military service evasion, etc.

Source: nate

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