More details about dating rumor between former idol and former host

It has been reported that a famous idol-turned-actress is in a relationship with a former host, gaining attention.

On July 9th, it was reported that Mariya Nagao, a former popular member of AKB48 who is currently active as an actress, is in a serious relationship with former host A from Kabukicho.

Mariya Nagao with male

Nagao became an official member of AKB48 in 2010 and gained a lot of love. However, after graduating in 2016, she has been active as an actress. In addition, the idol-turned-actress also made a name for herself in gravure and achieved remarkable sales figures. 

On the other hand, rumors about her private life have been scarce. The only thing reported was her breakup with actor Nakano On in December 2021.

Mariya Nagao

Meanwhile, Nagao’s alleged lover used to work at a store in Kabukicho operated by a famous host group. According to A’s colleagues, A was a popular host who gained tremendous popularity, to the extent of surpassing 100 million yen in sales.

He has, however, quit being a host, and currently manages the store and hosts.

Mariya Nagao with male

It is known that he and Nagao got to know each other through acquaintances, and are smoothly nurturing their love.

On July 1st, Nagao visited a flea market held in Shibuya with gravure idol Amaki Jun. After the market ended at 5 PM, the two headed to a sauna in Tokyo, and it was at this time that A joined them.

At the time, A carried a flashy wallet and showcased an all-black fashion, with tattoos covering his arms.

After leaving the sauna, Nagao and Amaki boarded a black vehicle prepared by A and headed towards Nishiazabu, then entered a pub together. The three of them, who had been drinking together, later came out of the pub and got into the same car, arriving at Amaki’s house.

After dropping off Amaki, Nagao and A headed to a high-end apartment in Tokyo. The two entered in a close state, with their shoulders touching. Later, Nagao and A didn’t come out of the apartment until after 12 PM the next day.

A, who was dressed in shorts, had tattoos densely covering both of his legs as well.

According to a colleague of A, Nagao is living at A’s place most of the time although she has her own house. In addition, Nagao and A’s relationship seems to be serious, with marriage in mind.

In addition,Nagao and A were also spotted having a meal at a restaurant in Odaiba on July 5th.

So far, the media has contacted Nagao’s agency about her relationship with A and alleged plans for marriage, but did not receive a response.

Source: Insight 

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