Korean Animal Protection Association reveals Goo Hara’s kind heart towards animals

Goo Hara loved animals and often went to the association to look after them.

Recently, the Korean Animal Rights Protection Association posted a warm message and sincere thanks to Goo Hara, the female idol who regularly did charity activities for animals.

The association introduced three abandoned puppies named Taeyang, Heemang and Boram. They joined the care facility after being dumped on an aircraft carrier by the previous owner. The three dogs had snuggled into a corner, waiting for a helper in vain.

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Goo Hara did a lot of volunteer work at the association and was always welcomed by these three puppies. Hara told us she could do it to help them, then she sponsored the surgery for them, post about them online to find adopters. ” As a result, Taeyang, Heemang and Boram found a new home.

The association revealed about the good personality of the former KARA member: “Goo Hara is such an honest and kind person in the eyes of these dogs. It is a great honor to work with such a wonderful person. Hope she will rest in peace.”

On November 24, Goo Hara passed away at her home. The police reported that this was not a murder, and concluded that the cause of her death was suicide. The case of the death of the popular female idol of the second generation of KPOP is officially closed.

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