Dilraba Dilmurat, Liu Yuxin, and More Chinese Stars’ Realistic Visuals Captured in Unfiltered Close-Ups at Dior Event

Various photos of Chinese celebrities at a recent Dior event have attracted much attention. 

The recent Dior event held in Shenzhen, China, has created a buzz on social media with its unfiltered close-up photos of Chinese stars. On July 12th, the Autumn Winter 2023 fashion show brought together a lineup of popular Chinese stars, including Dilraba Dilmurat, Arthur Chen, Liu Yuxin, Zhang Linghe, Zhou Ye, and more. 

While the glamorous photos caught attention, it’s the realistic close-up shots capturing every pore and imperfection on the faces of these celebrities that have become the talk of the town.

Dilraba Dilmurat
One of the standout appearances at the event was Dilraba Dilmurat. She exuded elegance and confidence in a patterned, low-cut dress. Her fair skin, coupled with her captivating collarbones, were on full display. With her choice of a classic black wavy hairstyle and legendary red lipstick, she skillfully highlighted her Western features.
 Dilraba Dilmurat
However, it was Dilraba Dilmurat’s unfiltered photo that surprised the public. This photo revealed a more mature look with less vibrant skin. The rough texture and wrinkles around her mouth surprised some netizens. 
Zhou Ye
Zhou Ye received an outpouring of compliments for her stunning doll-like appearance. Although her outfit was somewhat unflattering, Zhou Ye still managed to captivate with her mesmerizing visuals.
Liu Yuxin
Liu Yuxin made a bold fashion statement with her stylish all-black unisex outfit, accentuated by a fur coat and matching gloves. 
Arthur Chen
Arthur Chen oozed charm and sophistication, donned a youthful and trendy gray outfit that perfectly complemented his facial features. 
Zhang Linghe
Zhang Linghe made a strong impression with his youthful visuals. He stood out at the event, clad in a uniquely designed white outfit that showcased his style while accentuating his ideal height.

Source: K14.

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