Former AOA Choa breaks the record for credit card spending? Hefty money for home decor

In a recent video, former AOA Choa can be seen shopping for home decors and plants for her Han River view apartment. 

On August 3rd, former AOA member, Choa, uploaded a video to her YouTube channel. In the video, Choa can be seen exploring a home decor shop before expressing her shopping desires, saying, “If I see something I like, I’ll buy it.”

AOA Choa

As she browsed through various products, Choa mentioned the money she has spent recently, saying, “I spent the most money on my credit card this month. Maybe we’ll get another record breaker today?”

The former female idol was also amazed by products at the store, which boast various unique desires and are priced at millions of won.

AOA Choa

Later on, Choa moved to a plant shop, where she received recommendations for plants that are easy to care for. After discovering an electric sprayer used by the staff, Choa made an immediate purchase.

Having bought the necessary products for her home and house plants to nurture, Choa showcased the atmosphere of her home interior, which changed in a subtle way.

AOA Choa

At the same time, her neat apartment with a view to the Han River grabs attention. 

Source: Naver

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