Not Kyuhyun, Unraveling the Real Target of the Knife-Wielding Woman at the Musical Theater

It has been revealed that the target of the knife incident at the musical theater was not Kyuhyun but musical actor Park Euntae

According to a notice posted on Park Euntae’s fan cafe on the 20th, on the 19th, a woman in her 30s, referred to as A, visited the waiting room of the actors after the final performance of the musical ‘Benhur.’ A, who was unarmed, attempted to attack the defenseless Park Euntae with a knife but was subdued by him.


In the process, Kyuhyun, who was in the waiting room, suffered a finger injury while trying to prevent the woman.

Park Euntae, after the incident, met with fans and expressed, “There was no particular danger, and the situation is actually quite confusing.”

Regarding this incident, the fan cafe stated, “Concerns about (Park Euntae’s) mental trauma are raised, and it is deemed necessary to refrain from fan events or gatherings for a while because there is a possibility that A might intrude into fan events rather than backstage, posing a risk to both actors and fans.”

According to the police, A was booked on the 19th at around 6 p.m. for trespassing into a musical dressing room in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, and assaulting an actor with a knife.

A reportedly had no personal connection with the actors and visited the dressing room after watching the performance.

During police questioning, A allegedly stated, “As a fan, I got angry because the actor didn’t recognize me and committed the crime.” However, Park Euntae’s side stated, “He doesn’t know the woman at all.”

According to the police, A has no previous record of stalking or similar crimes but has a history of mental illness.

In connection with this incident, Kyuhyun’s agency, Antenna, stated on the 20th, “While witnessing an outsider causing a disturbance to the actor in the dressing room on the same day, Kyuhyun suffered a minor injury to his finger while trying to prevent it,” adding that the injury was promptly treated on-site, and he is in good condition for daily activities.

Currently, the police have booked the woman on charges of special threats and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the preparation of the knife.

Source: wikitree

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