This week’s fashion ranking: BEST dresser BLACKPINK Lisa & WORST dresser Kim Da Mi

BLACKPINK Lisa was chosen as the celebrity with the best fashion this week.

YTN star reporters looked at the fashion of stars who appeared in public over the past week and made a ranking. BLACKPINK Lisa was named the best fashionista, followed by TREASURE Yoshi, and actress Ki Eun Se. Meanwhile, the stylings of Girl’s Generation Yuri and actress Kim Da Mi drew disappointment.


Although the hairstyle is a little bit complicated, Lisa’s overall look is still the best. From the appropriate harmony of her white and black clothes to the bright mini bag that exudes the energy of the spring season. Her outfit is not too extravagant, but it perfectly balances to create a lively and lovely vibe.


Lisa’s bright-toned skirt and outerwear with golden buttons, matched with simple yet stylish socks and a bag, add more loveliness to the outfit. It’s impressive that she can pull off a tweed top like that so easily. Matching it with a simple top completely relieves any stuffiness that this material may have, making Lisa look even more beautiful.


Wearing knee-length pants and loafers, Yoshi completed the look with a lively and youthful feel. He exudes the vibe that makes him look like he’s the son of a British royal family. The bag gave a slightly odd feeling, but the overall color matching was harmonious. 


He excellently pulled off the dandy and luxurious look well. From the suit-style shorts, tie, long socks, loafers, and tote bag, Yoshi added various aspects but not excessive ones. This outfit would fit well not only at the airport but also on the runway.

◆ So-So – Ki Eun Se

This is a good look to consider for a spring outing. Her white dress is well-matched with a bright color mini-bag and shoes as a highlight. This combination looks very classic but it feels a little normal


Ki Eun Se is known for her colorful and bold fashion, but this time she looks more elegant and girlish. This styling that adds a point with a colorful bag and shoes to a white dress is very classic. 

◆ BAD – Girls’ Generation Yuri

The large floral pattern on the dress makes Yuri’s style look complicated. It seems like she chose the shoes in the same color as the floral pattern, but the unified color scheme seems to have created an old-fashioned look.


She already has cool, refreshing facial features, but the excessively bright and large red flowers all over her body make her look seem burdensome. Rather than refreshing, the strong floral colors make her look older, which is a side effect of her fashion.

◆ WORST – Kim Da Mi

The dark denim skirt and the boots completely cover her ankle line, which is not suitable for the spring season. The striped t-shirt is also too common and it does not showcase Kim Da Mi’s charm.


In fact, the denim skirt looks stuffy, and the top looks awkward with the whole fashion. The white-based, black-striped top is too plain and lacks any charm. The matching of the boots also looks dull.

Source: Naver

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