“The Killing Vote” Lim Ji Yeon X Park Sung Woong X Park Hae Jin are coming

“The Killing Vote” Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Woong and Park Hae Jin are coming.

SBS’ new drama “The Killing Vote”, which will premiere on August 10th, follows a mysterious figure known as Gaetal, who conducts survey via text message to decide whether to put certain vicious criminals to death, then proceeds to murder them based on the results.

Lim Ji yeon

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the drama “The Killing Vote” unfolds a strong storytelling centered on the novel and shocking setting of the national death penalty vote. It is expected that the setting of “determining someone’s execution through a national vote” will give extreme catharsis and proxy satisfaction to home theaters.

If so, is “The Killing Vote” a simple delightful drama dominated by “pleasure”? The public is enthusiastic about delightful dramas, but the aftertaste of delightful stories is not always clean. When revenge methods that cross the law’s boundary line are drawn in the work, it is natural to question “Is this the right method of punishment?” In this sense, “The Killing Vote” is different from the existing delightful dramas.

This is because it raises the weighty question of “What is the correct justice?” aside from pleasure. “The Killing Vote” becomes a special drama in that it allows viewers to ponder such questions and even think about the people left behind.

“The Killing Vote” has a pleasure that comes from the process of punishing bad people. In addition, there is a tension that comes from whether or not to prevent Gaetal’s national death penalty vote and execution.

Besides, there are many things to watch, such as the chewiness of the process of tracking Gaetal and the powerful-scale action scenes. Here, a fundamental question about “correct justice” is asked. This is why “The Killing Vote” is a “drama that satisfies viewers’ five senses”, and is a differentiating point from simple delightful dramas.

Writer Jo Yoon Young, who has delicate and well-organized writing skills, and director Park Shin Woo, who has powerful and suspenseful directing skills, worked together for “The Killing Vote”.

Lim Ji-yeon

In addition, “trustworthy” actors such as Park Hae Jin (as Park Hae Jin), Park Sung Woong (as Kwon Seok Joo) and Lim Ji Yeon (as Park Hae Jin) gathered. In particular, Lim Ji Yeon continues her passionate moves with the role of a police officer in “The Killing Vote” following “The Glory” and “Lies Hidden in My Garden”. She has a new look with “hippie perm”, drawing attention.

Viewers are looking forward to episode 1 of “The Killing Vote”, which is expected to sweep home theaters this summer.

“The Killing Vote” will begin with a two-episode premiere on Thursday, August 10th at 9 PM, followed by a single episode every Thursday at 9 PM. Pan Entertainment, the production company of “The Killing Vote”, is known for its works such as “Winter Sonata”, “Moon Embracing the Sun”, “The Doctors”, “When the Camellia Blooms”, “Record of Youth” and “Racket Boys”.

Source: Daum

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