Fans Protest Against HYBE to Show Support for Palestine 

Fans of artists under HYBE are taking strong actions against the company in order to show support for Palestine. 

As the humanity crisis in Palestine continues, many companies, including HYBE Labels, are facing criticisms from international fans. 

For HYBE, the CEO of HYBE America, Scooter Braun, is not only a long-time supporter of Israel, but is also known to have “threatened” a Palestine supporter in the past.

Bang Si Hyuk

As a result, fans of HYBE artists is trending the hashtag #HYBEDivestFromZionism to call out Scooter Braun, alongside other controversial actions of the company. For instance, the company used BTS’s account to promote a song from Usher – who showcased support for Israel. 


However, as HYBE remained silent against the #HYBEDivestFromZionism hashtag, fans are taking their protest to the next level. 

Particularly, on February 23, an account on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter) revealed that they are planning to send a protest truck to HYBE’s building. The account quickly received support from various fan communities of HYBE artists. 

Now, a protest truck is standing right in front of the HYBE building, showing devastative videos of the situation in Palestine, alongside a message in both Korean and English calling for HYBE to take action.

“Do not look away when the same thing that happened to your Korean ancestors is happening to Palestinians. We ask that you stand for humanity, for the right side of history, and against violence”, it reads. 

The truck also demands for HYBE to remove Scooter Braun from HYBE America, cancel a collaboration with Israel supporter Pharrell Willaims, as well as cancel and divest from “Zionist collaborators and companies who sponsor the genocide in Palestine”. 

Source: X, Krb

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