CEO of HYBE America Criticized for “Threatening” a Palestine Supporter?

Scooter Braun, the CEO of HYBE America, is being criticized for his aggressive behavior towards a supporter of Palestine

Recently, the CEO of HYBE America, Scooter Braun, was accused of having sent a message to an ARMY (Fan of BTS) who supports Palestine on the SNS platform X. A video showing Scooter Braun’s private message to this ARMY was also revealed, proving that the aforementioned accusation was true. 

While the message itself shows no issue, it carries a threatening tone, especially when Scooter Braun is known to support the opposite side in the Israel-Palestine war. 

On the other hand, most K-pop fans have shown support for Palestine, which has been suffering from various airstrikes from Israel with heavy casualties. Some even participated in boycotts against Kpop’s “Big 4” entertainment agencies in hope of stopping these companies from supporting Israel. 

In addition, this is not the first time fans protest against Scooter Braun, as the latter have explicitly shown his support for Israel. In fact, the hashtag #HYBEDivestFromZionism have been trending on the SNS platform X as fans call for HYBE to cease their collaboration with Scooter. 

Previously, when Scooter Braun and Bang Si-hyuk were listed in Billboard’s 2024 “Power 100” list as executives of HYBE, fans also trended “#HYBEREMOVESSCOORTERBRAUN” and expressed their frustrations. 

It is known that on February 11, when most Americans were tuned in to the Super Bowl, Israel bombed Rafah – a city on the edge of Gaza, which was a refuge to over 1.3 million citizens. Now, over 100 people are dead from this attack, and million of Palestians have perished ever since the war broke out. 

As a result, Scooter Braun’s support for Israel is considered a humanity issue for K-pop fans, leading to them not wanting to support such a man, especially through their favorites idols. 

Source: K Crush, X

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