DIA Somyi debuted as a BJ for PandaTV, a channel that produces many 19+ shows

Somyi, a member of DIA together with Ki Hui-yeon and Jung Chae-yeon, debuted as a BJ.

Recently, the news of DIA Somyi made her debut as a BJ for PandaTV, which produces a lot of adult broadcasts, is drawing keen attention on various online communities. Somyi reportedly appeared on PandaTV in November last year under the name “Chomyi

A screenshot of Somyi’s broadcast is also being spread. In the picture, Somyi appeared with a cat headband while wearing a halterneck dress. Many people said that Somyi seems to be working as a BJ for money because she is still doing promotion as a DIA member.

DIA Somyi BJ

The fact that PandaTV is known as a platform that produces adult broadcasts, unlike other famous online broadcasting platforms, such as AfreecaTV and Twitch, caused regrets to fans.


In response to the news, fans commented, saying, “DIA has many good songs. I feel bad for them”, “As an idol, you should have done broadcasts on a better platform. Why did you choose that place?”, “You are too young to do this”.


Meanwhile, Somyi, who was born in 2000, joined DIA in 2017 and gained fans. She was more active than anyone else as a member of DIA, but has been excluded from group activities since DIA’s mini-album “Flower 4 Seasons” released in June 2020. 

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