No more rivalry between girls, Womance is the new trend of Korean dramas

These are some famous and beloved female relationships in Kdramas recently.

Dramas with fights and revenge are always fun and intriguing, but sometimes it’s too much. Therefore, the trend of Korean dramas is gradually shifting to more realistic, civilized stories. In particular, the trend of women loving and supporting each other is being mentioned a lot in Korean dramas recently. 

Instead of watching women fight for social status or love, viewers are prone to seeing them give each other love. People started calling such dramas “Womance” – a combination of “Woman” and “Romance”.


There are even beautiful and memorable friendships among women in dramas with fierce rivalry like Penthouse or Sky Castle, so it is understandable that womance has recently become a trend in Korean dramas. 

The three most famous Korean dramas in early 2022 are Twenty Five, Twenty One, Thirty-Nine and A Business Proposal, which all have directly mentioned this new trend. 

Sky Castle

Thirty Nine is the story of a group of female friends who have been together since high school. They share all their joys and sorrows together, and their relationship is even stronger than that of a family. 

Thirty Nine

Na Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim of Twenty Five, Twenty One switched from enemies to friends after understanding each other’s goals. This is really a beautiful friendship that is worth admiring. 

The friendship of Shin Ha Ri and Jin Young Seo in A Business Proposal is also admirable. Despite the differences in the family background, they are always of good support to each other. Having friends like this is too much to ask for.

Twenty Five Twenty One

For some people, it is the main couple that they care about, but for others, seeing women supporting each other like this is such a blessing.

If we look back at the old K-dramas, we can clearly see that the female lead and the supporting female are almost always classified as love rivals. Unlike the relationship between the male lead and the supporting male, the relationships between the girls are often built in a more complicated way. Because of this, there has been a mindset that girls in K-dramas are born to hate each other. 

A Business Proposal

That kind of script is not suitable in this period anymore. In addition, it is more satisfying to see women advocating for each other.

A Business Proposal

In addition to the 3 dramas mentioned above, there has been a vast array of dramas that support Womance, although not as popular as Bromance. The script writers seemed to have realized that the dramas that feature conflicts between the female characters are no longer of great interest to viewers. Some successful dramas following this new trend are: Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, Crash Landing on You, etc.

Twenty Five Twenty One

In fact, in real life, the number of women who support and love each other is uncountable. Therefore, it’s essential for us to watch such dramas, which can help us to realize those good things and motivate us to live more positively.

Work Later Drink Now

The “Womance” or women supporting women is an extremely positive thing and should be spread as widely as possible in the near future. It will be a new breeze in the film industry of Korea and will also spread good messages for today’s society. This kind of drama will definitely appear more on screen! 

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