Hong Seok-cheon Explains Wi Ha-joon’s Rising Popularity Overseas After “Squid Game”, “You Have Sexy Asian Eyes”

Actor Wi Ha-joon talked about how his popularity among overseas viewers has changed since his appearance in “Squid Game”

On May 14th, the YouTube channel “Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewel Box” released a new video featuring actor Wi Ha-joon as a guest.

When asked if he was famous during his school days, Wi Ha-joon said, “I wasn’t popular at all. I didn’t know how to smile like this. I was just really quiet and didn’t talk”.

wi ha joon

Hong Seok-cheon commented, “That’s because you’re blind. Boys like him better”. Wi Ha-joon agreed, saying “Yes, but I’ve always been more popular with men. In the military and in school..”

Wi Ha-joon also confessed, “Even when I did ‘Squid Game’, a lot of foreign men liked me. So I was curious, ‘What is it about me that appeals to them?’”.

wi ha joon

Hong Seok-cheon explained, “First of all, you have a manly face. And especially from a foreign perspective, you have these really sexy Asian eyes. The cheek and the chin, these lines themselves are very strong. And your smile. If you don’t have this, you might be a little bit evil. When you laugh, it melts men, women, gays, everybody”.

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