ILLIT’s Wonhee Had to Report Hate Comments Herself? Victims or Media Play? 

The action of 16-year-old ILLIT’s Wonhee upon receiving hate comments has aroused a lot of sympathy from netizens. 

At late night on May 14, a topic titled “ILLIT’s Wonhee reporting hate comments in real-time on today’s livestream” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”. The topic has garnered massive attention, with over 110,000 views and 2,000 comments. 

Particularly, this topic attached a video on SNS platform X, showing Wonhee having to report hate comments while her group was doing a livestream. 

The author of the post expressed sympathy, saying, “A 16-year-old idol had to report multiple hate comments on Weverse during a recent live. All the hate that she & her group members are receiving is because of a situation that they have no control over… and their label is doing absolutely nothing to protect them. #Belift_Protect_ILLIT”

ill it-Wonhee

Upon seeing this post, a lot of netizens mentioned that they feel sorry for ILLIT, who got criticized due to the actions of HYBE. Particularly, HYBE is accused of intentionally copying NewJeans to create ILLIT, leading to intensifying hate comments against the girl group. 

However, some also believe that the topic is a “media play” scheme from HYBE to manipulate public opinion, stating that all idols look at the phone like Wonhee and receive hate comments, so it’s nothing special. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It’s not like the girls get to decide their concepts and choreography. It’s better to blame the adults 
  • HYBE was the wrong party, but ILLIT ended up bearing hate comments 
  • Bastards who post hate comments have something serious wrong with their minds. If you don’t like something, just ignore instead of whining about it 
  • All idols look at their phones during their lives to read comments though? Why is it suddenly an issue if ILLIT does it? HYBE really be trying their best to reverse public opinion and spread conspiracy theories 
  • It’s HYBE that expose them to the hate comments in a scheme to mooch sympathy

Source: theqoo

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