“She’s being punished” Despite Karina looking beautiful, aespa’s “Supernova” MV is receiving mixed reactions

aespa's new song "Supernova" was released

The double title track “Supernova” from aespa’s first full-length album was unveiled on May 13th at 6 PM. “Supernova” has shown a remarkable rise on Korean music charts, reaching No.1 on Bugs’ real-time chart and No.17 on Melon’s TOP100 based on peak rankings.


Internationally, the song has topped various charts, including QQ Music’s digital sales chart, overall music video chart, Tencent Music’s K-POP chart, Kugou Music’s digital album sales chart and AWA’s real-time surge chart.

“Supernova” is an impressive dance track with a minimalistic sound based on weighty kicks and bass, metaphorically depicting the beginning of a massive explosion within oneself with the imagery of a supernova.


The music video incorporates contemporary technology, including AI, to enhance aespa’s distinctive identity through conceptual visual beauty.

The video blends well with the music’s concept and includes several noticeable comedic elements.

aespa’s Ningning even shared a scene from the “Supernova” music video on her Instagram story, captioning it with “I said it was funny, right?“.


Towards the end of the music video, there is a parody of YouTuber demonflyingfox’s videos.

demonflyingfox is known for creating deepfake videos of “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Avengers”, “Harry Potter” and more, which have gained significant attention.

aespa also added elements using deepfake videos to the music video, creating a humorous yet original feel. However, this part of the video received mixed reactions from viewers.


aespa fans expressed their satisfaction with comments like “I’m 200% satisfied“, “I didn’t know cyberpunk could be this good” and “I liked it because it was rather shocking.”

On the other hand, some fans shared their reservations, “Not my taste, so it feels off“, “What kind of sentiment is this?” and “I appreciate the new attempt, but…

One netizen drew attention with a mocking comment about Karina, who recently broke up with actor Lee Jae-wook 5 weeks after announcing their relationship, saying, “Karina is definitely being punished.”

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