Bang Shi Hyuk smiled proudly when he saw Jimin (BTS) sexy dance, SM had a funny expression at EXO’s concert

The funny expressions of the founders of Big Hit and SM Entertainment when watching the performers made netizens excited.

Recently, the expressions of Bang Shi Hyuk – the head of Big Hit and “boss” Lee Soo Man of SM when attending BTS and EXO concerts were spread by Korean netizens on social networks.  They all support their artists absolutely, but their expressions are vastly different.

Bang Shi Hyuk participated in one of the performances in the world tour LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF held by BTS in 2019. When Jimin performed his solo song Serendipity, the camera caught the scene CEO Bang smiled proudly at the right time when the male idol performed sexy choreography.

But compared to Bang Shi Hyuk, Lee Soo Man seems to be much more excited.  When he appeared in EXO Planet # 3 – The Exo’rdium concert in 2016, he stood close to the stage, held up the lightstick, and danced enthusiastically.

Looking at Lee Soo Man’s passionate cheering, anyone who doesn’t know thought he was … the real EXO fanboy, not the pơerful boss of SM.  Meanwhile, former CEO Kim Young Min was shy and confused.

In the expression of Big Hit and SM bosses, netizens commented that Bang Shi Hyuk looked at Jimin with proud father’s eyes, while Lee Soo Man was like a fan going to the concert for the first time.  However, they both showed great pride when seeing their artists grow up.

Some comments:

– Bang Shi Hyuk looked funny but Lee Soo Man was the funniest.  Bang PD was very satisfied with BTS’s performance, while Lee Soo Man held Eri-bong (the name of EXO’s lightstick), and danced to the music.

– Seoul University Alumni Association!

 – Why was Kim Young Min standing next to Lee Soo Man with a face that seemed to eat a bitter persimmon fruit

– Lee Soo Man is so crazy.

 – Bang Shi Hyuk looked like he was looking at his grown son, and Lee Soo Man looked like a fan of the group.

Sources: k14

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