HYBE Pushes NewJeans to Add 100,000 Albums to Beat Aespa’s Record, but Min Hee-jin Refused? 

Min Hee-jin once again mentioned HYBE’s goal to “trample on aespa”, this time by asking to inflate NewJeans’ physical sales. 

In her recent statement against HYBE, ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin stated, “The major issue with HYBE is that they are perpetuating the industry’s current vices and continuing unethical practices without any criticism. The governance structure is also not transparent, resulting in continuous direct and indirect damage to NewJeans.

The most notable example is HYBE’s ‘kick album sales’. This is an act of deceiving shareholders, members, the capital market, and fandom, and has received strong public criticism. HYBE, a leading company in the industry, is blinded by numbers. Their use of this tactic to release albums is a very serious problem.”


According to Min Hee-jin, “NewJeans was encouraged by HYBE to ‘release more albums,’ and when NewJeans released the album ‘Get Up,’ HYBE suggested they should release 100,000 more copies, saying they could surpass aespa’s 1st week sales record.

However, Min Hee-jin outright refused because it goes against ADOR’s business philosophy.

On why she rejected HYBE’s proposed “inflated album sales”, the ADOR CEO stated, “I am concerned that the pure records of first place that NewJeans achieved might be tarnished, and as a result, many diverse business opportunities arising from those records could be affected.”

Furthermore, Min Hee-jin added, “If the issue of ‘inflate album sales’ gains public attention as a bigger problem in the future, then even NewJeans, who steadfastly refused this tactic, might be misunderstood as having used that tactic to achieve their records because they are an artist under HYBE.”


“They even encourage groups with high album sales like NewJeans to surpass the records of other groups, but what about the other groups within the label? This shows HYBE’s lack of ethical awareness”, Min Hee-jin concluded, adding, “I understand this has become a common issue within HYBE’s label, but I request a thorough investigation to determine if there have been any conditional transactions with subsidiaries that could be considered ‘album sales inflate,’ and to handle them strictly and transparently.”

On the other hand, HYBE has denied these claims of Min Hee-jin 

Source: K Crush, Daum

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