Lee Sung-kyung “I was born with gold spoon, I grew up with a lot of love given to me”

On "Jo Hyun-ah's Thursday Night", actress Lee Sung-kyung proudly acknowledged that she is a "gold spoon"

(Gold spoon: a term used in Korea to describe someone born into a wealthy or privileged family)

Lee Sung-kyung appeared on “Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night”, which was released on May 16th.

lee sung kyung

Lee Sung-kyung confessed that last year was the most mentally challenging year of her life. She shared, “My body couldn’t take a rest so in terms of hormone, both dopamine and serotonin didn’t come out. As my mentality got so weak, the way I relieved them didn’t work and stimulating things that harm me temporarily made me feel relieved.”

She added, “It was because I wasn’t doing On/Off well. In one interview, one actor said that he/she asks oneself a question that leads to self-blame. I thought that question I ask myself should at least not a self-blame and it should be about taking care of myself asking ‘How are you now? Are you okay?’ I hope the questions are about looking after me. I really think that’s a good thought and that healed me.”

lee sung kyung

Meanwhile, Jo Hyun-ah asked Lee Sung-kyung, “Other people may think that you were born with gold spoon.” Lee Sung-kyung confidently responded, “I am. I grew up with a lot of love given to me.”

Jo Hyun-ah agreed, saying, “You really have love gold spoon. I really think love from your parents makes you have the driving force.

Lee Sung-kyung expressed her pride in her upbringing, “When I’m having a hard time, my parents taught me how to keep dreaming while being stable. I grew up in a family where I could look and pray when I’m struggling. That’s the real gold spoon.

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