ITZY Yuna’s unedited photos sparked controversies as she was perfectly pretty

The unedited photo of Yuna (ITZY) is so stunning that many people can’t believe their eyes.

On the afternoon of January 12, ITZY flew to the Philippines via Incheon airport. Out of the 5 members, Yuna received the most attention on social networks thanks to a series of unbelievable beautiful pictures. These are all photos taken by fans in low quality.

Yuna’s unedited images, according to internet users, are so stunning that viewers can’t stop staring at her. Yuna thoroughly showed her attractive body and sharp facial features. Many internet users believe that these photos have been altered since these images are so beautiful.

ITZY airport
On January 12, ITZY arrived at Incheon Airport to take a flight to the Philippines for a concert.
ITZY Yuna airport
The youngest Yuna caused stir on SNS thanks to a series of photos taken by fans. It is known that the images are not photoshopped. As you can see, Yuna wears lenses, but she already has perfect round eyes
ITZY Yuna airport
Netizens also spend many beautiful words such as “unreal”, “unbelievably beautiful”, … for Yuna’s unedited series of photos.
ITZY Yuna airport
However, the series of photos caused a lot of controversy on social networks. Many netizens suspect that these are all edited photos because Yuna is perfectly pretty in these photos.

Immediately, Yuna fans released a series of photos of her taken by Korean news sites. Comparing photos taken by fans with pictures taken by Korean newspapers, the audience could not tell any difference.

ITZY Yuna airport
ITZY Yuna airport
In low-quality fan photos (left) and newspaper photos, Yuna is perfectly beautiful and has a charming body.
ITZY Yuna airport
Many netizens give the maknae of ITZY many compliments
Yuna is one of the most popular beauty goddesses of the 4th generation. She has a beautiful doll-like face and excellent body.

Source: Koreaboo, K14

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