HYBE Accuses Min Hee-jin of Badmouthing & Gaslighting NewJeans

The legal representative of HYBE claimed that Min Hee-jin’s “mother of NewJeans” image is fake. 

During the hearing between HYBE and CEO Min Hee-jin on the morning of May 17, HYBE’s representative countered CEO Min’s arguments by explaining, “Min Hee-jin’s concern is not truly for NewJeans but for the money they earn.”

min hee jin-newjeans-hybe

HYBE further asserted, “Min Hee-jin has said, ‘NewJeans wouldn’t have debuted without me. I can’t bear it because I feel sympathetic towards them.’ However, the truth is that she has slandered and looked down on NewJeans with her close associates. She said things like, ‘It’s very difficult to treat NewJeans as artists. It’s horrible to endure that and having support them from behind. Thanks to me, NewJeans has become successful.'”

Additionally, HYBE claimed that CEO Min had been “gaslighting” the members of NewJeans to make them emotionally dependent on her. HYBE’s representative stated, “Director Min required the members of NewJeans to stick to a script she had decided for public interviews. This is a form of gaslighting disguised as a mother-daughter relationship, where the artist is the passive party.”

Source: VKR, Daum

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