LE SSERAFIM “Stole” a Luxury Brand Contract from NewJeans, said Min Hee-jin

In an email sent from Min Hee-jin to HYBE, an event of LE SSERAFIM stealing a contract from NewJeans was mentioned 

Recently, ADOR has revealed the full email that the agency has sent to HYBE regarding NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, and ILLIT. In the email, an event where LE SSERAFIM “stole” a luxury brand contract from NewJeans was mentioned.

The email excerpt that include the above situation is as follows:

“Because we have experienced several instances where HYBE’s business operations did not meet ADOR’s expectations, ADOR should ensure its own resources for business operations, advertising, and MD while also seeking other external partners to achieve better results, as HYBE has done. However, resolving relationships with current internal businesses is not an easy process.

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For example, in the case of advertising business, NewJeans has been flooded with various advertising proposals from the outside due to their high relevance since their debut, so just managing advertisers well would suffice. They voluntarily extended invitations without any fabricated advertising sales activities. However, issues raised by the Brand Synergy Business Team, responsible for advertising business, led to frequent and unnecessary disputes, not only with advertisers but also with brands.

ADOR has raised this issue multiple times whenever situations arose. However, there has been no improvement, and only after an incident involving defamation was the matter resolved. Conflicts of interest emerged during the pursuit of a new contract between LE SSERAFIM and a luxury foreign brand that was in negotiations with NewJeans. The Brand Synergy Business Team is said to have disclosed the contract between ADOR and this brand, accompanied by lies.

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The Brand Synergy Business Team should naturally treat each label, ADOR and Source Music, equally. However, the Brand Synergy Business Team showed favoritism towards a specific artist, and only after such cases were exposed, they accepted ADOR’s objections and completed the contract by refunding three months of agency fees.

During this process, directly meeting with the brand to determine the truth was unnecessary, and this responsibility entirely belonged to the brand. Although we had to pay a commission equivalent to an external business and encountered an unfair event giving us a clear reason to cancel the contract, the cancellation process was not easy because we are an internal business group under the same joint venture. Instead, after the cancellation, we had to endure unfounded rumors within the company that ADOR is a difficult label.”

So far, K-netizens believe that the “luxury foreign brand” mentioned than this email is none other than Louis Vuitton, which LE SSERAFIM is currently an ambassador of. 

Source: K Crush, theqoo

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