Singer of CEO Jeon’s old agency explains her remark defending FIFTY FIFTY members

Gil Hak Mi, a singer from FIFTY FIFTY’s CEO Jeon Hong Joon’s past agency Oscar, talked about FIFTY FIFTY controversy.

Gil Hak Mi recently posted an Instagram Story, saying “Sad for the girls. I understand their feelings because I wanted to do it like them, too. People will never understand it unless they personally experience it.”

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Gil Hak Mi’s remark drew attention as she was from Oscar Entertainment, which was a past company established by CEO Jeon Hong Joon of Attrakt, FIFTY FIFTY’s current agency.

Netizens speculated that Gil Hak Mi showed her support for FIFTY FIFTY members, who applied for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contract with Attrakt, to target CEO Jeon.

The exact details are still unknown, but Gil Hak Mi’s statement caused a big stir because public opinion at the moment seems to lean more towards supporting CEO Jeon Hong Joon. 

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As the controversy intensified, Gil Hak Mi made an explanation, saying “There have been various speculations in some online communities regarding my Instagram story. After much consideration, I decided to write a short post.”

Gil Hak Mi drew a clear line, stating that her expression of “Sad for the girls” was simply her personal thoughts on the current situation, adding “It doesn’t mean I’m taking any side.”

She further explained, “About ‘understanding the case’, I only wanted to acknowledge how difficult it is to work in a situation where trust has been lost and to empathize with the desire to break free from such a situation”, adding “It does not mean I agree with everything”.

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The female singer shared, “I say ‘people will never understand unless they personally experience it’ with its literal meaning. I believe that one can never truly understand the circumstances behind a case unless one directly experiences or gets involved in everything happening in that world”, emphasizing that it was the reason she did not blindly believe in anything, whether it’s good or bad.

Lastly, Gil Hak Mi also addressed the suspicion of her deletion of the first post, saying “I didn’t delete the post myself. Instagram Stories automatically disappear after 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, the first interrogation for a temporary suspension of exclusive contract filed by the girl group FIFTY FIFTY against their agency Attrakt took place recently on July 5th at the Seoul Central District Court.

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