Identity of Kim Go-eun’s Friend Mentioned in Her Emotional Baeksang Winning Speech Revealed

Kim Go-eun's friend, Baek Jin-kyung, has been revealed to be a freelance makeup artist.

On May 7th, at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards, Kim Go-eun won Best Actress Award in the film category for ‘Exhuma’. Kim Go-eun said in her acceptance speech, “Last year was personally the hardest and most painful year for me. Thankfully, I was able to heal and enjoy a very happy working environment.” 

She continued, “I always work with a grateful heart, but through ‘Exhuma’, I felt even more thankful to be acting on set. From my 20s to now, my closest and dearest friend Baek Jin-kyung has been with me. I will love you forever… I sincerely thank everyone who was part of ‘Exhuma’,” she said, holding back tears as she finished her speech.

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Afterwards, the public’s interest was piqued regarding the identity of Baek Jin-kyung, whom Kim Go-eun mentioned directly. Some speculated that she might be a friend who had passed away, but this was not true. Baek Jin-kyung is the makeup artist for Kim Go-eun, when she played Hong Seol in tvN’s ‘Cheese in the Trap’.

In a 2016 interview, Baek Jin-kyung revealed that she used tint to highlight the lips, creating a bright and lovely makeup look for Hong Seol. This approach made Hong Seol’s style appear more natural and simple, enhancing Kim Go-eun’s visuals.

Kim Go-eun

Additionally, to emphasize Kim Go-eun, who has monolids, as a natural yet feminine character, she kept the skin clean and the eyes deep. Baek Jin-kyung has always been a part of Kim Go-eun’s various transformations. Kim Go-eun did not forget the one person who stood by her during the most important moments of her life. 

Meanwhile, after Kim Go-eun’s acceptance speech, her Instagram was flooded with support and congratulations, such as “I felt so heartbroken when you said last year was tough and painful. My heart was torn,” “Congratulations. May you be happy all year round,” and “Thank you for appearing in my life. My favorite person is you, and I am happy. I will continue to support you. I love you.”

Source: wikitree

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