All NewJeans members submit a petition to the court “Are they supporting Min Hee-jin?”

NewJeans members submitted a petition to the court

According to the music industry on May 18th, NewJeans members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein submitted a petition to the court on May 17th, during the hearing for the injunction request filed by CEO Min Hee-jin to prohibit the exercise of voting rights.

This marks the first time NewJeans members have publicly voiced their stance on the matter.


Although the specific content of the petition is not disclosed, CEO Min and the members have shown their bond, and the members’ parents also criticized HYBE through a letter.

The letter, delivered to HYBE through ADOR, expressed concerns that the rookie girl group ILLIT appears to be deliberately imitating NewJeans’ concept. It also questioned why Chairman Bang Si-hyuk allegedly ignored NewJeans members and failed to greet them when they encountered him in the company. Given this context, it is likely that NewJeans members are supporting CEO Min.

However, HYBE criticized this move, stating, “We are appalled by CEO Min Hee-jin’s actions of using artists as shields and even involving their parents to pursue personal interests.”

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