Honey Lee: A 10-Year Unbroken Streak of Success and Unchanging Beauty After 18 Years

Miss Korea turned actress Honey Lee boasts an impressive acting career.

Honey Lee is famously known as the “Most Beautiful Miss Korea.” She was crowned Miss Korea in 2006 and won the 3rd runner-up title at Miss Universe 2007. These pageants launched her into the entertainment industry, where she became a model and actress.

honey lee

Honey Lee has built a remarkable career in acting, achieving success in both television dramas and films. Recently, at the Baeksang Arts Awards, she was nominated for both Best Actress in TV and Best Actress in Film, ultimately winning Best Actress in TV. Although this result sparked some mixed reactions, Honey Lee’s talent is undeniable.

honey lee

Honey Lee’s acting skills have successfully dispelled the stereotype that beauty queens can’t act. She is without doubt one of the most successful beauty queens in acting. Over the past decade, especially in dramas, Honey Lee has almost never failed, with every drama she starred in becoming a hit with ratings exceeding double digits.

Her latest drama “Knight Flower,” which won her the Best Actress award at Baeksang, achieved exceptionally high ratings, even topping the broadcaster’s ranking of historical drama ratings. Other high-rated dramas she starred in include One the Woman (17.8%), The Fiery Priest (22.0%), and The Rebel (13.8%).

honey lee

Honey Lee has also achieved considerable success with several movies such as Tazza: The Hidden Card, Extreme Job, and The Bros. Extreme Job even became the second most-watched movie in Korean box office history.

honey lee

Not only does Honey Lee have an amazing career, but she also continues to grow more beautiful. Comparing her recent images to those from 18 years ago when she was crowned Miss Korea, Honey Lee has hardly changed, only becoming more beautiful over time.

Source: k14

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