Rosé and Suzy caught in dating rumors again, this time with evidence involving BLACKPINK

Once again, BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Suzy are stirring up dating rumors

BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Suzy have been the subject of dating rumors since 2020. Over the past four years, these rumors have resurfaced with even the smallest clue.

In the trailer for “Wonderland,” Suzy and her co-star Park Bo Gum share some intimate moments through polaroid photos. However, netizens were particularly intrigued by a yellow shirt Suzy was wearing in one of the photos. 

Specifically, the shirt Suzy wore matched one that Rosé had worn before. Notably, both wore this shirt in 2020, around the time the dating rumors first emerged. Suzy’s “Wonderland” was filmed in 2020, while Rosé wore this shirt in the promotional video for BLACKPINK’s hit “How You Like That” four years ago.

The shirts that Rosé and Suzy wore look like couple outfits from four years ago. Even though Rosé and Suzy have never been seen interacting in person, these clues make fans question whether they really dated.

rose vampirehollie

Most recently, in February 2024, while teasing a new solo song, Rosé reignited dating rumors with Suzy. The title of Rosé’s song “Vampirehollie” was believed to match her private Instagram account name.

But “Vampirehollie” also aligns with Suzy’s preferences. Specifically, in an interview from nine years ago, when asked about her ideal type, Suzy mentioned it was a “sexy and bad vampire.”


“hollie” implies a beautiful, sexy, and alluring girl. Combining this, “Vampirehollie” translates to a sexy, alluring vampire. This led to numerous posts suggesting that “Vampirehollie” aligns with Suzy’s type.

Rosé and Suzy remain K-pop’s biggest mystery. The dating rumors began in 2020 with numerous coincidental pieces of evidence. From photos suggesting they traveled together, appearing at the same places, to using matching items, all of these made some fans believe they really were dating.

rose blackpink suzy

However, the dating information regarding Rosé and Suzy is just rumors. Some fans quickly provided arguments to refute these claims, asserting that all these suspicions are merely coincidences.

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