Goo Hye Sun: A Lifetime Clinging to BOF Success, Criticized for Playing the Victim, Career in Ruins but Still Rich

Will Goo Hye Sun ever find the spotlight again after the controversies that turned audiences against her?

These days, Goo Hye Sun is more talked about than ever, due to her appearance on a tvN program where she opened up about her current struggles. She shocked everyone by revealing her “homeless” situation during the time she paused her career due to her divorce controversies and focused on her studies. Consequently, many viewers began digging into her past, her private life, career, and especially her marriage.

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Living Comfortably for 12 Years Thanks to One Drama

Born in 1984, Goo Hye Sun entered the entertainment industry in 2002 by appearing in music videos for several singers. Thanks to her beautiful visuals, she quickly became known with the 2006 drama Pure in Heart and surprised with her acting in the historical drama The King and I. Following this, she continuously took on new projects, but her acting received increasing criticism.

In 2009, Goo Hye Sun’s life and career took a completely new turn when she starred in the iconic drama Boys Over Flowers. To this day, this remains the most successful drama of her career. Goo Hye Sun even shared in 2021 that for the past 12 years, she had lived well and could do whatever she wanted thanks to the earnings from Boys Over Flowers.

boys over flowers

After the resounding success of Boys Over Flowers, Goo Hye Sun continued to work hard and proved herself as a multi-talented star at various roles, from screenwriting and directing to releasing music. However, she struggled to surpass the shadow of Boys Over Flowers, and her acting grew increasingly stiff. Every drama she starred in failed.

In 2017, Goo Hye Sun appeared in the drama You’re Too Much, but she only acted in 6 episodes before withdrawing while the show was still airing, causing chaos for the production team. Though she cited poor health as the reason, she faced heavy criticism for affecting the entire team. 

In 2019, Goo Hye Sun announced her retirement, making You’re Too Much her last TV drama, excluding short films she produced herself. Despite her retirement announcement, she continued to produce films and music videos, confusing the public. For the past two years, she has also garnered attention for studying film and acting, yet she has not announced her official comeback.

Career Plummets Post-Divorce 

After Boys Over Flowers, Goo Hye Sun’s dramas were all failures, but it was through acting that she met her ex-husband, Ahn Jae Hyun. The couple met while co-starring in Blood, quickly turned their on-screen romance into real life, and soon got married. 

Goo Hye Sun

Everything happened so fast that the public thought they were truly destined for each other, only to be shocked by their equally quick divorce. Just two years after their marriage, they went their separate ways amid Goo Hye Sun’s bitter accusations against Ahn Jae Hyun.

Following their split, Goo Hye Sun repeatedly accused her ex-husband, presenting arguments and text messages alleging that Ahn Jae Hyun drank heavily, was close to many women, and even threatened to release photos of him with another woman. Initially, the public supported and sympathized with Goo Hye Sun, but quickly turned against her as she kept complaining and crying without providing concrete evidence. 

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From sympathy, the public began to criticize Goo Hye Sun for playing the victim and ruining her ex-husband’s career. The climax came in September 2019 when Ahn Jae Hyun sued Goo Hye Sun, claiming “the truth has been distorted by Goo Hye Sun’s one-sided statements on social media.”

From 2019 to now, Goo Hye Sun’s career has plummeted while Ahn Jae Hyun has returned to acting and participating in TV variety shows. Although every move of the actress still attracts attention, her reputation has been severely damaged, and the public no longer eagerly anticipates her return to acting.

On Air to Lament While “Flexing” Her Money

Despite announcing her retirement, Goo Hye Sun seems determined to pursue the film industry. Evidence of this is her enrollment at Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in Film and Television. Seven years without new acting projects, spending money on education, and producing solo projects seems to have depleted her earnings from Boys Over Flowers and other gigs. 

She shocked viewers by revealing on a major tvN program that she had no home and had to live in her car during her studies. “I wasted a lot of my money. I have nowhere to live. I really don’t have a home. Of course, I can still go back to my mother’s house in Incheon, but for exams or important days at school, I have to sleep in my car or the library. Because even if you leave at 6:30 in the morning, it takes 3 to 4 hours to get from Incheon to school,” Goo Hye Sun shared.

A day after this shocking revelation, Goo Hye Sun further surprised netizens. She revealed she had just spent money to build a villa near her school, bought houses for family members, and prepared for her postgraduate studies. 

This explanation left the public even more confused, wondering where she got the money to carry out such large plans when she hadn’t taken on any new acting roles for many years. It seems that from 2021 until now, her earnings from Boys Over Flowers have not run out.

goo hye sun house

Goo Hye Sun once had it all: a glorious career despite limited talent, and a dream romance that many admired. Unfortunately, after everything, she ended her successful career with personal scandals and over a decade of unprogressive acting. Goo Hye Sun shared that she pursued further education in film and acting, striving to graduate because it was also her parents’ dream. She studied diligently and achieved high academic success. This is commendable. But in the future, will the knowledge and grades she achieved at school help Goo Hye Sun once again find the spotlight?

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